Full Moon
Sat 7th Jan |  Three Choirs Vineyard

Full Moon Cleanse
New Year Workshop

Embrace the first full moon of the year, finding balance and harmony within the body. 


Time & Location

7th Jan 2023, 10.00-12.30

The Three Choirs, Botley Road



This is the first full moon following the winter solstice, and first full moon of the year, a potent time to reflect on what you want to shed & let go off. 

 A full moon is a vital time to cleanse your space, body and mind by removing any negative build up. A time to let go of any stagnant energy that manifests within the physical body and mind. 


We will begin this workshop with a guided meditation, then taking time to explore the powerful practice of journalling after. 

Moving into a cleansing, invigorating breath work practice, energising and uplifting yoga flow, to release any of the stagnant energy build up.  

To balance the energetic cleanse of the body, this will be followed by a nourishing yin and restorative practice, allowing the energy of the the body to settle and release with time to reflect and drop deeper into stillness, finishing with a long relaxation, Woven with yogic massage throughout. 

Yin and restorative styles of yoga aim to release tension and slow the turbulence of the mind. Allowing the body to drop into deep rest within these supported postures, letting the bodies systems come into balance to replenish and rejuvenate. 

Leaving with a renewed and uplifted sense of calm, clarity and ease.