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I invite you to journey through the Chakras with me on a 6 week course to manifest your dreams for 2021.

Ever wondered what the Chakras were?
Or wanted to learn more and dive deeper?

Chakras are spirals of powerful energy that affect every aspect of your life. When your chakras are clear, you feel full of vitality, confidence & joy.

The Chakra system is an incredible map, reflecting your body and soul. Fine-tuning your Chakras will help you to strengthen your physical body, nourish your creativity, fire-up your motivation, nurture your heart, inspire you to speak up, clarify your intuition and help you spiritually to shine. 

 I feel called to share with you this six week dive into the chakras making your dreams become reality, this journey will be one that unfolds from the top; manifesting, creating and achieving your dreams and desires by bringing them down through the chakras into the earthly plane.
Because you are worthy of them! 

I’ve love learning about the chakras and all that they encompass. This system is a path of awakening and manifesting and it is so relatable in so many areas of our life.

 I would love for you to join me ✨ 

This course includes:

❤️ 6 X 1.5hr Classes, manifesting through the chakras. (Breathwork, Asana, Meditation & journaling)
🧡 1 X Full Body Chakra Flow 
💛 2 X Chakra Meditations 
💚Workbook & Introduction to the Chakras 
💙 Access to Private Facebook group, to connect with others on this journey. 
🤍Investment £60


Create & Achieve

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