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Growing up movement & sports were always a huge part of my life. I would spend many of my weekends competing at swimming galas & cross country races or rehearsing for many of the musical theatre shows I performed in.

I spent 4+ years living across the sea, exploring the amazing wonders of Asia, South America, Australia & New Zealand. My yoga journey began here, whilst I was travelling through Beautiful India; the birth place of yoga, I was curious to what all the fuss was about and took my first ever class on a rooftop in Rajasthan.

Yoga had me hooked, initially I loved the movement practice, however as I delved deeper into my yoga practice, I started noticing small changes within myself.. how yoga made me feel, how my perspective changed towards situations and how it made me want to treat my body.

I then went onto taking my first 200hrs back in the home of India, Rishikesh. 

Now in excess of 425+ hours of training. From Vinyasa to Yin, movement mobility & functional movement.

Since then I have gone on to teach around the world in countries such as Argentina, Peru, Colombia, India, Bali. 

Yoga has taught me so much and I aim to share and help others experience the benefits and blissfulness that yoga has to offer.

My aim is to take you on a transformational journey.  To help you come back home to yourself, to then build functional strength & mobility throughout both the body & mind, finding unity & wholeness throughout.

Each Class covers a dynamic, mindful flow, focusing on building strength and mobility throughout your body, leaving you feeling relaxed and restored. 

Hope to see you on the mat.


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