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Forest Trees

 Earth Day Retreat
Damson Hill 

Candle and Berries
Image by Masaaki Komori

Take time out to connect with yourself and a community of other like minded souls as we embrace the spring season, planting seeds for the season ahead and awakening into the body.

Join Sonia and I at this at this beautiful woodland venue. Spend the day nourishing your body, mind and soul with yoga, breath-work, meditation, reiki and delicious plant based food; fully enveloped by nature.

Spring is a wonderful time to shed the layer & heaviness from the winter slumber and release any of the stagnation that manifests within the body and mind over winter. 

Spring brings an opportunity to regain our vitality, feel a sense of renewal and rebirth, awakening and balance. 

This is an opportunity to reflect the nature around you.  To plant seeds to nurture for the season to come. 

Living in harmony with the seasons and the cyclical nature around us helps brings us in to balance.


Damson Hill

A characterful studio, Tucked away in glorious slopping woodlands on the outskirts of the South Downs. 

This quirky, nature soaked venue is the perfect place to step away from your busy day to reconnect back to nature. 



Indulge in a nourishing plant based, soulful lunch.

 Snacks & Refreshments are provided throughout the day. 

Glass Teapot
Fresh Green Salad with Feta


9.45am  Arrival

10am-Morning Meditation, Breath-work, 

Grounding yoga flow.

12.30pm- Lunch 

1.45pm Local Walk

3-5pm Restorative & renewal Yoga infused with reiki

 Journalling exercise to close & set intentions

(Schedule may be subject to change)


(Limited spaces- 2 SPACES LEFT)

@ Damson Hill, Swanmore

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